We came to the market to become a benchmark in service, quality and innovation, within the art of decoration and customization in chocolate.

We strive every day to offer a wide range of products that meet the needs of the most demanding. We work to know and anticipate market trends to always be at the forefront.


To achieve the goals we set for ourselves and always be at the forefront of chocolate decoration, from our origins we have worked around solid values ​​that to date have allowed us to always be at the side of our clients and always offer an adequate solution to any circumstance.


 We are constantly evolving. We advance towards the development of new formulae that allow us to develop products that create tendencies.


Automation of our production processes guarantee constant quality.


All our processes allow us to adapt easily to the requirements of small and large clients.


We are a very united and flexible team with the sole object of easing handling and providing solutions to our clients.


We only sell what we manufacture, which allows us total guarantee on all our products.


“Offering quality and service, as evidenced by our 25 years of experience, expanding the human team, constantly evolving facilities, offering more than 20,000 articles and exporting articles all over the world”


It is one of the engines of our company and motivates us to constantly improve. This is how Hillbo deals with the main questions that arise in terms of quality.

Quality certificates

We put at your disposal the different quality certificates that we have so that you can download them.


Our history begins in the world of pastry, a fact that has allowed us to achieve a greater understanding of the needs of our market.

Without renouncing the value of tradition, we decided to start a new path dedicated to the art of chocolate decoration and in this way, Hillbo was born in 1996.

Our desire to innovate, applying the latest technology, has made us a benchmark in the manufacture of chocolate decoration, always guaranteeing an impeccable, agile and fast service.

We currently serve major brands in the pastry, ice cream and restaurant industries, both at an artisanal and industrial level. Our market is divided equally between the national and international markets.

Start activity


  • Processes: The technology applied to the processes is developed by the company itself. We start with a production line.
  • Products: Chocolate decoration




  • Facilities: Due to the significant growth of the company we moved to a larger space (2,400m2)
  • Human team: 10
  • Processes: Development of a second production line, increasing production capacity and improving service.

New Processes New Products


  • Processes: Development of a third line.
  • Human team: 12
  • Products: Ability to develop new designs hitherto impossible to obtain.
  • Items: 10,200

New Processes New Products


  • Processes: We use technology that allows us to manufacture new 3D formats.
  • Human team: 14
  • Products: New 3D formats with variable wall thickness adaptable to customer needs.

Food safety certificates


  • Human team: 17
  • Products: Hillbo obtained the international certifications British Retail Consortium (BRC) and International Food Standard (IFS).

Certificado UTZ


Improvement in production processes


  • Human team: 20
  • Processes: Replacement of all printing equipment with intelligent equipment that allows us to make significant improvements in quality.
  • Items: 20.100
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