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Quality - Hillbo

Food quality and safety

They are two of the engines of our company and motivate us to constantly improve. This is how we deal with the main issues related to quality and food safety.


Our commitment


Our concern to improve and innovate: Getting ahead of the needs and desires of consumers has made us a benchmark for quality and innovation in our chocolate decoration sector. This is why our products are certified by the IFS Food and Rain Forest Alliance.

IFS Food is a food safety standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies that manufacture food or companies that package food products in bulk. It focuses on the food safety and quality of processed products.

The Rainforest Alliance works to solve some of the most pressing social and environmental problems of our time, including the climate crisis, by changing the way the world produces and consumes. When you choose [product]* with the Rainforest Alliance seal, you are supporting farmers who improve the living conditions of their workers and take care of natural resources.


Due to our commitment to quality, at Hillbo we impose ourselves to deliver an excellent, safe and sustainable product. For us, it makes no sense to select the best cocoa if it does not meet our food safety requirements.


We carry out a strict selection of suppliers with the object of guaranteeing the availability of the very best raw materials and containers.
We work with chocolates of a very high content of cocoa butter, which gives our products, apart from their decorative properties, certain excellent organoleptic qualities.


We guarantee 100% security and quality of our products, likewise holding prestigious international certificate such as rulings IFS.
We carry out a series of procedures which allow us to guarantee the very best results, such as a system of documented procedures, constant personnel training, interior and external audits, analysis, and above all, a very strong undertaking by the management team. Download our food quality and security policy.


The Rainforest Alliance builds a powerful alliance with farmers, businesses, consumers and other stakeholders to contribute to a world where people and nature thrive in harmony. For more information about the Rainforest Alliance, visit

We make Rainfortest Alliance products available to you, which we offer on demand.


At Hillbo, we certify that all our products are free of G.M.O. by means of our control of suppliers, analysis and IP certificate of high-risk raw materials.

We guarantee the absence of allergens except milk, present as an ingredient or trace in our products.


Hillbo carries out selective recollection of all waste that may be generated for later recycling. Controls are also carried out of waste-water spillage and a policy is in existence for reducing electricity consumption.

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