Hillbo brings you ideas to give an original touch to your desserts and cakes. Decoration with chocolate. We present to you the Tokyo family from our Basic collection.

The Tokyo family is ideal for creating contrasts with your desserts or cakes. They have a slight relief of stripes that break with the monotony that the decoration sometimes offers. This family is made up of geometric dark chocolate shapes (64%), with square, rectangle and triangle shapes as different options.

You can find them in boxes, ranging from the 640 grams of the triangle, to 1.3 kilograms of the rectangle. They are also free of dyes, without E171 and do not contain gluten, so you have no excuse not to try one, two or as many as you wish.

The Tokyo family, is made up of different shapes and offers many possibilities. Try to combine them with each other so that none of your cakes or desserts are the same.

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Hillbo Team.