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March 20th, Beginning of Spring and World Happiness Day. - Hillbo

March 20th, Beginning of Spring and World Happiness Day.

Not long ago I read the story of a note that A. Einstein had written to a messenger one day he was short of cash.

The message of the note stated:

“A simple and calm life brings more joy than the search for success in constant restlessness”.

This is just a formula, there are others, not all of them will be effective, the question is to have a custom formula.

Today, in addition, spring begins. 4 months ahead that can inspire and revive us just as nature around us will do.

From Hillbo we propose you our peculiar sweet formula of happiness, which actually hides 2. Pieces of chocolate with fun messages that brighten the day.

We hope you find the message that best suits your way of being.

We invite you to discover these and many other designs in our General Catalogue.

Hillbo team.

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