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White chocolate to decorate. Tokyo White Family. - Hillbo

White chocolate to decorate? Today we return with a new entry, but this time to talk about white chocolate and the different possibilities it offers. If last week we introduced you to the Tokyo Negro family within our Basic collection, today it is the turn of the white chocolate variety.

It is equally suitable for playing with different contrasts, both to break with curved lines or to opt to include white pieces on cakes or dark desserts. They maintain the same relief as the variety of dark chocolate and are available, in the same way, in three forms; square, rectangle and triangle.

You can find them in packages, ranging from 640 grams of the triangle, to three hundred kilograms of the rectangle. They are also free of colouring, without E171, do not contain gluten and are made with lecithin free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

The Tokyo family, being made up of different shapes, offers many possibilities. Try to combine them with each other so that none of your cakes or desserts are the same.

In the department, we are debating to see if we are more of white chocolate to decorate or we prefer dark chocolate. We have bet that the winning team will be able to take a bath in the chocolate pool we have on the terrace. And you, do you prefer to decorate with white or dark chocolate?

Discover this family and other varieties of white chocolate by entering here.

Hillbo Team.

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